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Winter News from Japan


I am back in the Czech Republic today from Japan, where I have been staying since September 26th. There were many projects in Japan.

First, I published my second book for children in Japan "Let's make and play the socks puppet theater" published by Fukuinkan. Here you can watch an advertising video prepared for me by actress Naoko Taniguchi with her 501 theater, with which I have been collaborating for over 10 years.

The first Christmas project this year was the One Christmas Tree "One World Tree" for the first time in my hometown of Yokohama - Queen's Square.

The theme is the unity of the world that children can understand each other through cultural or racial differences. I made 22 puppets. The video is from the lighting ceremony

On November 11, the puppet "Nutcracker" opened in the shop window of the Hankyu department store in Osaka. This is the second year! It was a great experience for me to work with such large shop windows.

On November 20, I prepared the Christmas decorations of the Umeda Tsutaya bookstore in Osaka.

And I co-worked with Czech Center in Tokyo, I show for children how to make a puppet by cardboard. In connection with this online workshop, the Czech Center in Tokyo will announce a competition!

The last job in Japan was a workshop for 20 children in Earth Plaza in my home prefecture of Kanagawa.


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