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First summer news

Last months I were very busy and I didn’t have time to write some news for my web side. I´m now very surprised, we have summer!

I the first half of may I spent 16 days in Japan. I participated on the exhibition „Archa“ in Cafe & Gallery Koyosha in Tokyo together with my classmates from Zókei University: Maki Hirose a Saori Seki. Maki Hirose opened newly with her mother Café & Gallery Koyosha. Their dream is now true!

Doring the exhibition I organized in the gallery two workshops. First were been focused to the creating of small wooden puppets and second showed DYI about masks. Workshop for the creating of masks I prepared for first time. I think with success, how you can see on the photos.

Then I had a lecture on university at the Musashino Art University. Last three years I continue on a special lectures about art topics. The communication with students is for me very interesting and inspiriting! Now our topics were been Story about Czech Otesánek! Otesánek is a Czech fairy tale created by Karel Jaromír Erben.

I think, this student Project was successful.

After coming back to Prague I started to concentrate me to the preparation of Japanese section on the international exhibition PQ Prague Quadriennale 2019. I´m helping to JATDT – Japanese Society for stage design with PQ from year 2011 – three times.

This two PQ weeks are always very intensive and I´m happy, that I can always meet interesting people from my profession around the world.

I´m also designed puppet of girl for a music video “Hole in the heart” of Japanese Music group Yorushika – now very popular between teenagers. Video was recorded in Sweden on the island Gotland. I like the last scene with ocean. In short time saw the music video on youtube around 2.2 mio. spectators . Could be, that on puppet in a short music video has more impact than puppet in puppet show. Of course I´m happy for that advertising for puppet, but otherwise I wished me, that puppet theater could be more popular.

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