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Hachiko, Princess goldilocks, Nutcracker


Puppet performance Hachiko in Theatre Maska in polish Rzeszów

Puppet performance of Theatre Maska Rzeszow was challenging projekt of director Ewa Piotrowska. It is worldwide first theatre performance about japanese dog Hachiko in the history and to tell this story in a dramatic form wasn´t easy. I participate on the performance with creating of puppet and stage design. Co-work with Ewa Piotrowska were been for me a very good experience and I enjoyed it a lot.

Hachiko was born 1923 and died in 1935 at the age of 11. Profesor Ueno in the agriculture department at the Tokyo Imperial University, took Hachikō as a pet and brought him to live in Shibuya.

Ueno would commute daily to work, and Hachikō would leave the house to greet him at the end of each day at the nearby Shibuya Station. The pair continued the daily routine until May 21, 1925, when Ueno did not return.

Each day, for the next nine years, nine months and fifteen days, Hachikō awaited Ueno's return, appearing precisely when the train was due at the station.

Hachikō attracted the attention of other commuters. Many of the people who frequented the Shibuya train station had seen Hachikō and Professor Ueno together each day. Initial reactions from the people, especially from those working at the station, were not necessarily friendly. However, after the first appearance of the article about him in Asahi Shimbun on October 4, 1932, people started to bring Hachikō treats and food to nourish him during his wait.

Hachikō became a national sensation. His faithfulness to his master's memory impressed the people of Japan as a spirit of family loyalty to which all should strive to achieve. Hachikō's legendary faithfulness became a national symbol of loyalty, particularly to the person and institution of Emperors.

Premiere of performance Hachi held on 27th. October 2019 in theatre Maska in Rzeszów. Direction: Ewa Piotrowska:

Performance Zlatovláska - princess goldilocks in Tokyo

Performer and theatre actress Naoko Taniguchi played for first time at Setagaya art museum in Tokyo. During one day on the 3rd November 2019 and two performances came around 300 spectatores. Performance Princess Goldielocks were performer first time on 13th. October 2019 at Kita Kyushu.

The Setagaya Art Museum in Yōga, Setagaya, Tokyo was opened in 1986 and from that time is one of the most important museum institution in Japan. From 14th. till 10th. October 2019 were been here presented together with prague UPM museum exhibition 100 years of the czech design.

Christmas show windows Nutcracker of department store Hankyu in Ósaka

From June 2019 I worked on my biggest order – on the christmas decoration of department store Hankyu in Ósaka. I produced with my prague team together 104 different puppets. Show windows with Nutcracker was presented for publicity on the 6th. November 2019.

On the japanese side I would like thank my colleagues and representant Mr. Yasushi Kojima BATON. Without his help and coordination wasn´t co-work with Hankyu not possible. In Prague I co-worked with team of professionals and assistans.

With the technical solution of puppets helped me my previous teacher and puppet maestro Mr. Jaroslav Doležal. Puppet costums were been sewed by Gabriela Budíková and Hanka Říhová. Then I thank you to the professionals: Sóta Sakuma, Saori Seki and Eva Sakuma. Special thanks also to my team of assistans: Yohei Ohno, Kina Usami, Yuki Sakuma, Junko Hayasaka and Seiji Sakuma.


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