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Welcome on my new website!


Spring brings moving to the nature and I told me, I should change my website. New platform allow me to better connect web with social networks and presentation of photos.

Only by the blog isn’t easy with a language version. On one place you can read a different language version, then just choose your language, which you prefer. Information about me or about my work can be switched by different language on the right up corner with the flag. I hope, you enjoy a new content a a new form of website!

From 8th February till 24th March 2019 I presented my work on the big collective exhibition in Tokio (Museum Hachioujishi Yume):

"Czech-born Contemporary Puppets and Art Toys from KASUGA Akio Collection:SAKUMA Sota, HAYASHI Yumi, Miroslav Trejtnar, a Bara Hubena"

The exhibition has visited more than 6000 visitors, what is in my eyes a big success. It is my pleasure, that people showed such interess about puppets!

Now I’m preparing a May project in Japan. I’m creating puppets, writing, illustrating, or preparing lectures. For sure I write later more.


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